Michael Born

Michael Born
Michael Born is a Sr. Security Consultant at SecureSky, Inc. performing offensive-focused security assessments including penetration assessments, application security assessments, and cloud security assessments. Michael is the author of “Binary Analysis Cookbook” by Packt Publishing (https://www.packtpub.com/security/binary-analysis-cookbook) and enjoys most topics within Information Security, especially topics on hacking, reverse engineering, application security, and cloud security. Michael holds several industry certifications including the OSCP, CISSP, SLAE, and SLAE64. When not working, Michael enjoys reading, physical fitness, participating in tactical training and self-defense, co-leading the local OWASP chapter, creating capture the flag challenges for Kernelcon, and participating in the local DC402 group.
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Dudear or Not Dudear – Analyzing A Recent Phishing Attempt

Posted by Michael Born on Feb 6, 2020

Following the Tweet from the Microsoft Security Intelligence account January 30, 2020 (https://twitter.com/MsftSecIntel/status/1222995250911703041?s=20), we at SecureSky were a little curious whether we had come across any evidence that phishing attempts against our own organization or our clients were part of this recently revived campaign. Not that we really need a reason to do this kind of research but given this announcement, we decided to put some time into this.

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Azure Security Best Practices

Posted by Michael Born on Nov 12, 2019

Using Application Security Groups

Setting up infrastructure in Azure can, at times, seem quite daunting with all of the available options one can configure within each service. In this blog, we will give you some tips for applying traditional security best practices into your Azure environment using Application Security Groups to help make managing network security groups less cumbersome.

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