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Corey Meyer

Corey Meyer
As COO at SecureSky, Corey Meyer is responsible for the development of the cloud-focused consulting team and MDR services portfolio. He also leads company delivery, business, and sales operations. Corey was SVP, Business Development, U.S. for NTT Security and Solutionary prior to joining SecureSky.
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Recent Posts

'Tis The Season For Online Safety!

Posted by Corey Meyer on Dec 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has already created a golden opportunity for malicious actors to prey on human desires to help others or to discover a “deal.” Initial reports indicate campaigns to donate to scam charities, receive government-sponsored payments, or be first in line for a vaccine, have been wildly successful.

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Top 10 Ways To Reduce WFH Bandwidth Consumption

Posted by Corey Meyer on Mar 31, 2020

In the new work-from-home (and school-from-home) era, between adding your family “full-time” to your home wifi and the cloud providers and ISPs scrambling to increase capacity, many of you have probably already experienced some network slow down or lag. Here are SecureSky’s “Top 10” ways to decrease load and, hopefully, increase your speed:

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Will Coronavirus Affect Security Operations?

Posted by Corey Meyer on Mar 5, 2020

You cannot open a news site or turn on the television today without rightfully hearing about the coronavirus. While governments and medical systems scramble to respond and contain the virus, it is not clear if the virus will reach epidemic or pandemic levels, how quickly treatment options will become available or how the virus will affect the health and related productivity of large portions of the global population.

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The Cloud Balancing Act: Improving Business Outcomes without Degrading Your Security Posture

Posted by Corey Meyer on Feb 24, 2020

Who knew that way back in 1964 Bob Dylan would predict the challenges we’re facing with the cloud in 2020. Times they are a-changin’. We’re in the midst of an evolution in IT, led by the rapid adoption of cloud computing, which promises to produce better business outcomes. While most of us have our security posture top-of-mind in the face of these changes, it’s easy to become complacent, think that we have it covered and rely a little too heavily on the out-of-the-box security offered by our cloud providers. In Dylan’s prophetic words, “It’s time to start swimming or sink like a stone.”

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SecureSky’s Top 5 2020 Cloud Security Predictions

Posted by Corey Meyer on Dec 18, 2019

Cloud Computing Adoption Will Accelerate

We’re not going out on a limb in predicting cloud services will continue to grow. The information technology world is experiencing a tectonic shift, led by the rapid adoption of cloud computing. *Gartner predicts that the market size of the cloud services industry will grow three times faster than overall IT services growth, reaching $331.2 billion by 2022, with SaaS applications accounting for $143.7 billion, or 43% of this market.

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