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In recent times, the cybersecurity landscape has faced unprecedented challenges, particularly with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The SecureSky Cyber Threat Center reports a staggering 6x-7x increase in fraudulent activities, emphasizing the critical need for robust cybersecurity support.

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Unprecedented Surge in Cyber Threats

The cybersecurity landscape is currently witnessing an alarming escalation in threats, particularly those exploiting the global COVID-19 crisis. This section delves into the significant uptick in cyber threats observed by the SecureSky Cyber Threat Center, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced cybersecurity support.

  • COVID-19 Themed Scams: The pandemic has given rise to a new wave of cyber threats, with a notable increase in phishing schemes, fraudulent investment opportunities, and scam charities all leveraging COVID-19 themes. These scams prey on the fears and uncertainties of individuals, attempting to illicitly gain personal information or financial gains.

  • Phishing Volume Spike: There's a direct link between the pandemic and a surge in phishing activities. Data from multiple clients and email gateway providers have shown a sharp rise in phishing attempts, correlating with an increase in case volumes and click-through rates on malicious links. This trend underscores the sophistication and adaptability of cybercriminals in exploiting current events.

  • Daily Malicious Activities: Every day, new malicious attacks emerge, aiming to exploit the widespread uncertainty caused by COVID-19. These activities range from sophisticated phishing emails to more direct scam attempts, all designed to capitalize on the current situation. The persistence and evolution of these threats highlight the continuous risk posed to individuals and organizations alike.

The current state of cyber threats demands a proactive and comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. Staying informed about the latest scams and employing robust cybersecurity measures are crucial steps in protecting against these evolving threats.

FBI Blog Pic #1 cybersecurity supportKeep an eye out for additional updates on such malicious campaigns, such as the link below:



Healthcare Cybersecurity Attack Updates

In an interesting story published last week that was later retracted, two hacker groups, Maze Ransomware and Netwalker Ransomware, pledged to not attack medical organizations during the crises. One of the criminal organizations interviewed said they would offer medical organizations free decryption keys if they hit them by accident. Maybe the bad guys are trying to be good guys for once, or maybe they are pulling their victims in. Either way, if you are an overrun healthcare provider, now more than ever requiring your network to run at peak capacity don’t place your trust in criminals.

If you need help testing or responding to a compromise, the good news is several security and other outsourced IT companies, SecureSky included, have offered to help. We urge the healthcare community to take advantage of these offers. We are all in this together!

FBI Focus on Cybersecurity Support

While we are perhaps seeing unprecedented times in terms of malicious activity, we might also be seeing unprecedented speed on behalf of first responders, healthcare providers and law enforcement, all the way from the FBI to numerous local police departments. Chris Hacker, Special Agent in Charge of FBI-Atlanta said:

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“At a time when Americans are coming together in many different ways to help our fellow citizens make it through this crisis, it is unfathomable to think that some people, driven by personal greed, would try to take advantage of people who need help the most. Though the FBI has had to adapt to doing business in this trying time, we want to make it clear that we are continuing to protect our citizens and uphold the Constitution.”​

To this end, the FBI has created a new FBI Federal-State Coronavirus Task Force, who collectively are coming down hard on cyber criminals and anyone else trying to prey on the public during this time of crisis. This includes seeking full criminal prosecution to the extent of the law, including jail time.

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Successful Cybersecurity Intervention by SecureSky

In a recent victory for cybersecurity, SecureSky's Cyber Threat Center took decisive action against a sophisticated phishing campaign. The team uncovered a fraudulent charitable donation site, vastyhealthcarefoundation[.]com, which mimicked the legitimate global crowdfunding platform globalgiving.org. This counterfeit site, falsely claiming an Omaha, Nebraska hotel address and using an unregistered local telephone number, aimed to deceive well-intentioned donors. SecureSky promptly blacklisted the domain and collaborated with the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to dismantle the site, effectively halting further fraudulent activities amid the ongoing crisis.

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Positive Global Cybersecurity Efforts Amid COVID-19

The global increase in cyber threats has prompted a unified response from governments, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, and other key agencies worldwide. This collective effort is crucial in combating the rise of cybercrime during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Europol's Proactive Measures Against Cybercrime

Europol's Director, Catherine De Bolle, highlights the unique challenges posed by the current crisis, emphasizing the swift adaptation of criminals to exploit the situation. The organization's flexibility and vigilance have led to significant achievements in safeguarding the European Union from cyber threats.

Key Achievements by Europol:

  • 121 Arrests: Targeting cybercriminals involved in various fraudulent activities.
  • Seizure of €13 Million in Dangerous Pharmaceuticals: Preventing the distribution of harmful substances.
  • Inspection and Seizure of Packages: Over 32,600 packages were inspected, with 48,000 seized, disrupting the supply chains of illicit goods.
  • Massive Seizure of Illicit Pharmaceuticals: 4 million units seized globally, highlighting the scale of the operation.
  • Counterfeit Medical Devices: 37,000 unauthorized devices, including surgical masks and testing kits, were seized.
  • Dismantling of Crime Groups: 37 organized crime groups were effectively dismantled, showcasing Europol's commitment to combating organized crime.

Europol's efforts demonstrate the power of international cooperation in the fight against cybercrime, offering a beacon of hope during these challenging times.

Staying Informed with SecureSky

At SecureSky, we remain dedicated to providing timely updates and insights on cybersecurity developments. Our goal is to offer valuable information that can protect businesses and families from emerging cyber threats and provide cybersecurity support.

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As we continue to collect useful information during these times, we will continue to share it with you. Please feel free to do the same with us at info@SecureSky.com. Stay safe and healthy – we are all in this together!